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Anna Kate
Anna Kate

Hi I'm Anna Kate. I like Dr. Seznik because she takes care of me, my Grandpa, my Grandma, my Mom, and me!

Cindy G.
Cindy G.

hi I'm Cindy Goldmen I go to Dr. Debra Seznik in Irving Texas. I've been going to Dr. Seznik over 25 years. They're wonderful she's awesome and I recommend her very highly, thank you.

Steve A.
Steve A.

Hi this is Steve Alcor and I've gone to Dr. Seznik now since she moved to Irving, before she was there. She always, see her office staff always provide excellent dental care for me and if you get here and we went to to do your teeth as well thank you.

Bob M.
Bob M.

Hello I'm Bob Meadows I'm a retired dentist. I've practiced dentistry in private practice for 40 years and then taught another 10 years in a dental school following that. I'm very pleased to come see Dr. Debra Seznik in Irving Texas. She is an outstanding dentist! She's a great dental colleague and I couldn't be happier with her service.

Luis C.
Luis C.

Hey how you doing? I'm Luis Castillo I've got a little story to say about this dentist. Back in 2009 I came back from Iraq and I had my regular dentist back in Flower Mound and I had to get my wisdom teeth removed and they made a big deal out of it. I had to take a couple weeks, had to go get surgery, things of that nature. So one day I just happen to be walking by in the shopping center where Debra is at and I just happened to bump into her and she said come on in let me give you a free exam. And as I did I did a came in I told her my story she said all I can take care of that in one day. So I did, then I had made an appointment the following day. I came in, she took my for wisdom teeth out and ever since then I've been a loyal customer thanks so much.

Ashley P.
Ashley P.

My name is Ashley Pruitt and I'm an opera singer. And people look at my mouth and my teeth all the time. I was a little nervous because I have a fear of dentists like most people. "You shouldn't be afraid to go to the dentist, I know there's the fear of pain, the needles, the cost. We want to take care of you at My DFW Dentist and help you through those fears" Dr. Deb is a very important part of the team that keeps me performing at a hundred percent. She's very good at putting you at ease, she talks you through everything she explains everything in my experience with her that really did help me "What we want to do to reassure you is from the very first time that you call, we want to give you some options, we want you to understand your treatment. There's an important link now between oral health and overall health and we want you to understand that. Know that we're really happy that you're here, not guilty or shame you, and then just make you feel so comfortable that you want to come back and see us again. Fortunately dentistry has changed at My DFW Dentist"

Beau B.
Beau B.

Hi I'm Beau Burkhalter with Dr. Seznik in Irving Texas and the main reasons why I like coming here is because not only is it comfortable but she makes me laugh and she's the funniest Dennis I've ever had in my entire life and she treats all my family well, me, all my family comes here and I mean we have a blast when we come here and she just she should be part comedian and part dentist. So I think that's awesome but uh thank you so much.


Hi everyone I want to let you know that I come to doctor Seznik here in irving and i've been coming to her probably for the last 15 years or so and it's just a friendly environment people that are here to help you. Here to help you stay healthy and keep your teeth in your mouth and everything going smooth and so today we had a cleaning and everything was successful. I'd encourage you to floss and brush and all the things they tell you to do.


I enjoy coming to Dr. Debbie Seznik in Irving Texas because she is the finest dentist I've ever had in my life and I always feel good whenever I leave there. Thank you very much.


I've known Dr. Seznik for years. She's a great dentist. She has a state-of-the-art facility, a great bedside manner and a wonderful staff.


I enjoy coming to Dr. Debra Seznik in Irving Texas because I know I'll get quality work. The staff is super nice and I wouldn't trust my teeth with anyone else.


Hi there, happy to report wonderful teeth again. The DFW Dentist in Irving, best dentist ever Debra rules.


I've been a patient of Dr. Debra Seznik for well over 20 years and she's been a great doctor for me. Very innovative state-of-the-art. She does digital video and pictures of my teeth and I just did a hand signature that was digitized. So I really appreciate she's very thorough and I appreciate.


Yeah okay well you want to know my experience? It was it was like a spa treatment to me, the cleanup. I'm a person who always get scared of dentists, would really not go to a dentist, but this was like spa. I almost fell asleep, you can tell on my face right now. So oh it's fantastic how she does a clean up there's a whole lot of stuff and how she explains by step two step so.


I would like to say I've been very happy with Dr. Seznik's office and treatments. They've been very good and caring people. Much more friendly than a lot of dentists I've been to in my career which I've spent a lot of my career at a dentist office so they're good people.


Hi I love coming to Dr. Debra Seznik in Irving Texas because she takes the time to explain to me what my needs are and will work with me and try to make the best decisions on what the best choices are for my dental care.

Suzanne C.

I have know Doc Seznik since before husbands (well, her's not mine) and kids, we go back a very long time. After years of HMO insurance I have decided to drive 40 minutes to return to her practice. I have never had any problems with any work she has done and some of it is 30 years old UGH Yes, I am really that old!!!!!!! She is honest and tells you exactly what has to be done unlike the HMO World I was forced into where all they want to do is redo things that have nothing wrong..........

Sowjanya V

I am so glad that I found Dr. Seznik as my dentist. She is the best dentist that I have ever met. I had wisdom teeth extractions in my recent visit. I was panic initially, but Dr. Seznik made it painless, gentle and very easy for me. I did not feel the pain at all and the recovery is very easy too. And Dr. Seznik her-self called me the next day to find out about my recovery. With Dr. Seznik, I will never be panic or uncomfortable to plan my dental visits. I should mention that the office staff is very friendly just like Dr. Seznik. Office is very hygienic and very friendly. I feel like i am in a salon instead of a dentist office. :-) I highly recommend Dr. Seznik. Thank You Dr. Seznik.

Anon A

Very caring and gentle staff

Bob B

Four fills, no pain and they took care to make sure I did not have to come back for "adjustments" to the fillings as another dentist I used to go to.

Terry T

Everything about every appointment is flawless from the reminder phone call, to the greeting upon arrival through the quality of care by everyone on Dr. Seznik's staff. A thoroughly pleasant experience by experienced professionals.

Alice T

I receive excellent treatment from each member of the staff at My DFW Dentist! Their recent work on a cracked tooth was over and above excellent. Thank you!

Marc M

Friendly, competent & efficient office staff. Dr Debra is very well versed in the latest techniques and procedures.

Ginny D

Dr Seznik and her staff are so kind and gentle!! My youngest son is 26 and has special needs. She has taken care of him his whole life. Thanks to her superior care and encouragement, he has beautiful healthy teeth ! G. Dell

Wendel H

Excellent, as always!

Pauline W

Dr Seznik and Team do the best dental work!

Lexie D

I went in to get two white spots fixed on my top two front teeth. Everyone who worked there was so friendly and inviting and just wonderful to be around! I felt right at home! Dr. Seznik fixed my white spots so you can't even tell they are there or ever were! I was blown away! I keeping checking my teeth in the mirror cause I still can't believe they are gone!!! Thank you so much Dr. Seznik!!! :)

Tommy C

Great bunch

Norma W

Very kind and caring dentist and staff. Always concerned about patient and their needs.

Jesus M

As always, the staff was extremely friendly and the experience was great!

Mary Beth A

Very happy with the care I received - convenient hours, Dr. Seznik and her staff are thorough, friendly, helpful and gentle. We just moved to DFW, and I am so happy I found her. She even figured out a problem I was having with one of my crowns that other dentists couldn't...and that's impressive!

Mark V

My extractions where a breeze!!! Thanks Dr. T and Joe. The service here is A-1! You guys work with my schedule and are very prompt with confirming appts.

Weymond D.

We appreciate Dr. Debra taking excellent care of us.

Dan K

evening appointments available, which is appreciated

Joel A

The ladies were great!!!!!! They made going to the dentist almost fun.

Jesus M

As always, I had a great experience. Dr. Deb and her team are the best Dentists in Irving, TX.

Ron K

Dr. Seznik and her team are always first rate. They have taken the best of care for my family's dental care for many years. Their attention and personal interest are reassuring and professional.

Beckley D

The experience at Dr. Seznik's office is superb. She makes you feel at home and cares about you as a patient rather than an opportunity to make a paycheck. All of the staff are friendly and make going to the dentist enjoyable; Your mouth will thank you in the end!

Othman H.

The receptionist, the hygienist and Dr. Seznik all very friendly, professional state of the art in their work, I would recommend this place to a friend.

Sowjanya V.

Very pleasant yet effective dentist appointment.

Lucinda G

This was my 1st visit and my visit went really well. I last experience I had at another dentist made me terrified to go to a dentist. I love that they worked with my nervousness and gave me a great game plan to get my smile perfect.

Carmen G.

Another pleasant experience at Dr. Seznik's office. What a superstar dental practice team! Looking forward to the next visit.

Deborah H

Check up was great! Painless, friendly, and caring. A neat team!

Raquel S

Great visit. Staff is so understanding and helpful.

Jesus M.

All my appointments with Dr. Seznik and Dr. Thirtha have been great. NO PAIN whatsoever. I love them.

Billy W

Everything went very well. There was excellent treatment for the issues I was having. The appointment wait time was very good. The Doctor and Technician were kind, helpful and informative.

Hatem M

Thu, Dr. Thirta and the whole crew are so nice and u don’t feel the pain and the shot and when they remove the tooth

Bobby W

Cleaning was fast, efficient and painless. Great job. Bob

Mark V

They are true professionals. Also are willing to work with your schedule and money situation.

Dan K

Set an appointment for after work, which is very convenient.

Maryann M

Prompt, personalized, professional care in upbeat office makes going to the dentist a positive experience. I used to dread going to the dentist, but Dr Seznik makes it comfortable and easy.

Chuck M

I have been a patient for over 20 years, and as always, my appointment was very good. Debra and her staff make the visit very pleasant. Everyone is very professional, and the friendly attitudes make you feel at ease. Thank you Debra, Joe, Mary, and the rest of the staff for another great visit!

Ricardo F

Excellent care and attention. Very professional and caring people. Dr. Debra does not rush you to any treatment or procedure you really don't need. I recommend her w/o hesitation.

Gloria B

As always great!!!

Lisa L

She is wonderful. She is not with any association so she does not over charge or boost rates for services. She has wonderful staff. Free 2nd opinions. Wonderful office. Lovely atmosphere. They make it a point to remember personal details about family. They are prompt and do not over book patients.

Marta D

Excellent atmosphere, on time, personal attention and most importantly really good quality dental work.

Brittinie H.

Dr. Seznik and her staff always take very good care of me. They are gentle, patient, and honest. They truly are there just to help you. I have been seeing Dr. Seznik and her team for at least 2 years now and I recommend her to anyone who ask me about my dentist.

Weymond D

As always, everything was perfect.

Betty L

In and out quickly...problem solved

Brian W

An pleasant and professional experience as always. Grateful to be a patient of Dr. Seznik's once again.

Paula D

Great work.

Tina M

Dr. Debra Seznik's office is a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. My teeth feel wonderful after the cleaning. I look forward to my next dental appointment!

Debra T

The office is very efficient and friendly.

Mary G

It was a wonderful experience. The doc was informative as the procedures she was doing. Very considerate and frequently asked if I was doing fine. See you in six months. It was great to see DR S again!!!!

Kathleen L.

Staff is awesome! Very pleasant and helpful!

Paula L.

I hate going to the dentist but am always very comfortable when I am at Dr. Seznik's office. She has been very comforting and has helped let me know what to expect. We've been together for a long time and hope to be together many years more.

Janete F.

As always... I received the Very Best of Care.

Mark G.

Debra and her team continue to create a friendly environment and pleasant experience. I have been a patient of Dr. Seznik for 10+ years. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!

Gloria M.

Dr. Seznik is a confident and personable dentist that has both dental and health concerns for her patients. She leads her staff to be the best they can be and they are.

John B.

Great Dentist.......Great Staff!

Charles R.

Dr. Deb. an excellent addition to Irving. Well worth your visit, time and dental experience. I will patronize her business and highly recommend her to all.

Cheryl N.

Always sensitive to my needs.

Lisa M.

Mary, Joe and Dr. Thirtha were awesome. Made me feel very comfortable even though my dental phobias are a bit extreme.

Bob J

Debra is such a delightful person and the whole staff reflects it. They also seem to make an effort to be up on the latest technology and techniques. I had jaw pain for over a year and it was relieved with a simple procedure even before I received my night guard. thanks!

Abby F

Everyone is very friendly. They are willing to answer any questions I have and are nice to talk to.

John F

Dr. Deb and her staff are the best!

Derek S

Great staff with a smile and genuine concern. The best dentist I have ever seen, Thank you Dr Seznik you are awesome.!!

Vicky S

I was afraid to have my tooth pulled, turned out I had 3 abscesses & needed 3 done. I never felt a thing and she was so gentle. I will never be afraid to come again. She cured my phobia as well as fixed my smile! Thank you all so much for your understanding & skill in making my visit painless! The staff was awesome too

Mike J

The friendliness and the extremely high level of expertise of Dr. Seznik and her staff can't be beat. Period.

Amanda W

Fixed my nightguard and was very Informative about my problem

Deborah H.

Check up was great! Painless, friendly, and caring. A neat team!

Lucinda G.

This was my 1st visit and my visit went really well. I last experience I had at another dentist made me terrified to go to a dentist. I love that they worked with my nervousness and gave me a great game plan to get my smile perfect.


The most professional service I have ever experienced.

Carmen G

Dr. Seznik and her team are the ultimate professionals. Each execute their perspective responsibilities with attention to details, in a courteous and friendly manner. I appreciate how all aspects of services provided are explained - from paperwork to dental services. Looking forward to the next visit!

Stella A

My waiting time was just minutes after my arrival. Dr. S and Joe were prepared to begin working on a cavity in one of my front teeth. Within 45 minutes I was on my way home. I am pleased with the way my tooth looks.

Gloria M

If your scared, fearful and worrisome Debra Seznik and her very able staff will put you at ease. Debra is highly capable and uses the most modern Technics available. Debra and her staff want the best for you and your mouth.

Anon A

Professional, efficient, patient, caring and smart. What more do you want in a dentist? Would recommend them immediately.


It was a great experience. I was very comfortable. The staff is always friendly and very informative.


The service was just excellent! The doctors were very careful and explained me what they were doing so nothing came as a surprise. I had no pain after the anesthesia went off. I am extremely happy with them.

Jordan L

Debra is a great dentist and has a wonderful team!

Ishii T

Love, love this place!!! Great customer service, great wealth of dental knowledge on all levels by all staff!!

Emily F

Always a great experience. Everyone there is so helpful and friendly. It makes for a pleasant dental visit.

Helen B

Had a very pleasant experience on my last trip to the dentist.


I am glad I chose My DFW Dentist. They have an attention to details that exceeds any expectation. Also, the communication is fantastic and there were no surprises during my procedure. I knew what was going to happen... NO PAIN! Thank you, JM

Terry J

Do you really have to ask after 22 years? I love you guys <3 .


I always love to come to the dentist now.

Nancy G

Very professional, knowledgeable, & caring people !!!!! Highly recommend !!! N. Griffith

Todd T

Dr. Seznik and her staff were exceptional. From the very beginning it was a very comfortable and relaxing experience...which says a lot because of the high anxiety I face when visiting a dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Seznik if you're looking for a personal, professional dentist.

Kelly S

Dr Seznik has always assuaged my fears of the dentist. She is so kind and patient and understanding. I have been seeing her for the last 6 or so years. I also have my husband, son and mother going to her as well.

Beckley D

The staff at Dr. Seznik are wonderful =). I thoroughly enjoy going to the dentist which isn't something many people look forward to. They make you feel like family and the quality of all services is top notch!

Steve A

A good experience. Very professional and knowledgeable staff took xrays, cleaned my teeth, and presented me to the doctor. Got in and out in just the right amount of time.

Bo C

Dr. Debra Seznik and her entire staff were all very friendly and welcoming. No one ever looks forward towards getting medical services but her practice made an otherwise unfortunate situation as pleasant as possible. This was my first time here and it seems they treat newcomers especially well and gave the perception that the patient is not just another number. When the dental assistant realized I was a bit nervous she even showed the courtesy of explaining to me in detail each step and what it entails before the procedure was performed in order help put my mind at ease. In general, everyone was cordial, upfront and transparent. I would recommend this site for dental needs.

Jennifer G

Everyone at the office is always wonderful. It's why I'm willing to drive for half an hour in the rain. I refuse to find a closer dentist because the service and people at Dr. Seznik's office are amazing!

Gloria C

It was my first time going to My DFW Dentist and I can honestly say they make you feel really welcomed!! Dr Debra Seznik and the staff were very friendly and polite!!

Kim L

Dr.Seznik and her team along with her dental hygienist, Thu, are so caring, thorough, and meticulous. I love coming here because I know I will be taken cared of properly. I always leave feeling like I've received the best dental care possible. I highly recommend Dr. Seznik and her staff to everyone!!!

Charles R

How could this be kept a secret , The best Dentist in Texas. From the moment you enter her practice you feel as if your at home. The staff are genuine and committed to your comfort. Dr. Deb is without question Dallas's best. Humorless about your dental health, passionate about your comfort,concerned about your knowledge. Without a doubt you will leave with a smile,knowing it was worth your time.

Emily F.

Always a great experience

Joyce E.

Dr. Seznik and her group are excellent in all they do. I have never gone to another Dentist where I felt more confidence and trust.

Charley A.

So many dentists are now up-selling un-needed services. I don't have to worry about that here.

Dianna C.

Dr. Seznik was very friendly and was out in the lobby to great me when I came in. Both her and the receptionist shook my hand and greeted me. I felt very welcomed!

Stella A.

Dr. Seznik and her staff are all cheerful and pleasant to talk with. I am satisfied with the time I spend with the Dental Hygienist and Dr. Seznik. They both explain everything thoroughly.

Gloria D.

From front office to dental hygienist to Dr. Seznik we received VIP treatment.

Ron K.

The entire staff is well trained and qualified. They are in touch with us as clients and very attentive. Who's perfect, yet these people are there.

Don H.

Excellent dental visit, as always. Friendly and caring staff!

Polly B.

Mary was very helpful on my initial call to the office.

Traci R.

U LADIES ROCK! Thank you for making me calm in a place that increases my anxiety like no other! Dr. Seznik is the best dentist I have ever had! I have already referred a friend!

Tracy W.

Every one are so professional , it's a family atmosphere ;)!

Carmen G.

Continue with the exceptional service!

Samantha Y.

Thu is amazing with Kids. She is wonderful.

Elizabeth C.

I wouldn't change a thing! Amazing experience!

Steve A.

I enjoyed the magazines so much that I have even subscribed to the Texas Highways.

Marc M.

Debra is an excellent dentist and she has gathered an outstanding team. Friendly, efficient & competent.

Peter X.

Dr. Deb and her staff are highly competent individuals, and I am safe in their hands whenever I need help with my dental issues.

Kamil A.

the dental hygienist was great, explaining the steps

Charlene W.

I met the new to me receptionist and she was very helpful.

William H.

makes the dental visit not so bad

Damian M.

Dr. Deb makes dental work comfortable-if not enjoyable...hands down, she is the best dentist in all of Texas!!!

Phillip O.

Dr. was very professional and kept the charges to a minimum for a patient that did not have insurance.

Myra S.

As always, everyone was so welcoming and helpful. I felt that everyone did an excellent job.

Reannan M

Best dentist ever. Already given out recommendations.

Hal K.

Professional and caring dentistry with a smile . Always the best experience possible

Suzanne C.

I have know Doc Seznik since before husbands (well, her's not mine) and kids, we go back a very long time. After years of HMO insurance I have decided to drive 40 minutes to return to her practice. I have never had any problems with any work she has done and some of it is 30 years old UGH Yes, I am really that old!!!!!!! She is honest and tells you exactly what has to be done unlike the HMO World I was forced into where all they want to do is redo things that have nothing wrong..........

Myra S.

I actually look forward to visiting the dentist--Dr. Seznik is WONDERFUL!

Clark E.

Super friendly. Thank you!

Carmen G.

You will absolutely be thrilled with the service provided.

Weymond D.

I love My Dentist! Superb care.

Gloria B.

I always get the greatest care at your office.

Betty H.

Dr, Seznik is the best Dentist I've ever had. And, her entire staff makes you feel like you are among friends.

Joyce E.

I am so happy with the staff that assisted me during my last visit. Dr. Seznik is a Great Dentist with a great staff. I will continue to go to Dr. Seznik for my Dental care, and encourage other family members and friends to go also.

Peter X.

Dr. Deb and her staff are professionals who know what they are doing. I am always comfortable in their recommended course of treatment and that it will be in my best interests.

Susan F.

My husband and I were actually referred by a retired dentist that my husband worked out with. Dr. Seznik and her staff are friendly, explain everything, do not try to sell you everything you do not need, and make your dental experience as painless as possible. Let's face it no one wants to go to the dentist, but we all need to.

Michelle L.

I don't like dentist appointments in general and I had to bring my daughter so my anxiety was up but everyone was patient with us which put me at ease. The staff and doctor gave my daughter extra attention which made it a pleasant experience for her.

Beckley D.

Visiting Dr. Seznik's office is always a welcome experience. I'm always provided with the best of care and leave satisfied with a healthy smile!

Weymond D.

No doubt. The BEST dental service!

Anon A

I went to Dr. Seznik's office because I had an extremely painful spot in my gum. Dr. Thirtha was very understanding and took every precaution so that I would not be in pain during the exam. They did a great job of explaining what was going on and what my options are including a cost estimate. Everyone in the office from the assistants to the Dentist was fantastic. Thank you!

Mike F.

Quick, efficiently, dealt with dental work, all with A smile and firm handshake. Professionalism at it's best.

Janithri N.

A very organized Dentist office. They would call up and remind about the appointment and all necessary details about insurance. They are clear with how much treatment would cost by going through with the insurance company. The admin staff and the dental staff are just amazing. Both the dentists at the office will take their time to talk to you and treat you well, and they do an immaculate job. My 4 year old son also loves to go there and get his annual check up and clean. The Hygienist is also amazing and detailed with the advice she gives us. Awesome!!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!!

Latesha T

I'm always impressed with the entire staff at this office. Mary at the front desk greets with a warm smile and is super helpful. Joe the dental assistant is so positive, pleasant, and accommodating. The dentists, Drs. Seznik and Thirta are so compassionate and energetic. They teach as they consult and empower you with knowledge. They love what they do and it shows. During my recent visit Dr. Thirta really handled me with care and assured me that I was in good hands. She worked around my "real" adult fears and never made me feel embarrassed. I love my new dental family!

Alice T

The appointment went very well. We discussed areas I need to most focus on for the best results going forward. Using the spray is something I haven't been utilizing, so will begin doing so more frequently. Thank you!

Bob M

No one really likes going to the dentist, but the staff and the doctor make it nice, and can answer questions that I may have, and explain why they are recommending what they are recommending.

Jenny A

I was traumatized by a dentist in my childhood . I let pass almost 25 years before I have the courage to make an appointment to see a dentist and all that it is because one of my best friend talk about her experience with doctor Seznik. She is so kind and gentle, she understand my fear and explain every thing to me. I am so happy to find her. I start my first treatment last Monday . I wish she was my dentist when I was a child , but never to late !!!!

Amanda S

I love the appointment reminder system and that it allowed me to add it to my calendar. The staff is friendly and personable. Dr. Seznik and Mary took time to address all my questions, gave feedback and explained the treatment plan/insurance breakdown. I look forward to working with them

Brianna D

I absolutely love Debra and her staff, they make going to the dentist fun and you are always greeted with a smile! I highly recommend My DFW Dentist!

Sarah W

Best experience I've ever had going to the dentist! Dr. Deb took her time to show me what she saw on my x-Rays, explain everything, and come up with a treatment plan that really works for me. I couldn't be happier and am so glad to have found such a knowledgeable, caring dentist!

Karen B.

Excellent treatment. My wait was less than five minutes. All the staff is as professional as Dr Seznik is, and that's a pretty high mark!

Karen B.

I love everything about my experience at My DFW Dentist! It is very personable, and regardless of the time, when it's your time with the doctor, etc., you're made to feel like you are their only patient! Dr. Seznik is very knowledgeable as is her entire staff. Everything is explained to you as to procedures, etc. It's just a wonderful experience from a dentist office.

Kimberly S.


Maryann M.

My dental visit was a positive experience start to finish and know all work done in Dr. Seznik's office will be done to my satisfaction.

Nancy G.


Sierra L.

I met Dr. Seznik, she is wonderful and pleasant. My dental hygienist Thu is very gentle and good at her job! I recommend!

Carol F.

Front staff was still very nice & helpful!

Elizabeth J.

Dr. Seznik & Thu are absolutely great at what they do. They are very patient, attentive, and show that they care about the patients concerns. The front desk assistant was patient as well and gave me all the details she could provide me with as far as billing and booking. I am so appreciative of you all and I will do my best to bring in family and friends

Elizabeth S

Excellent service, professional attention, caring gentle staff. Highly recommend My DFW Dentist - Dr. Seznik and her staff.

Craig M

Everything was Great, a Pleasant experience

Charles R

How could this be kept a secret, The best Dentist in Texas. From the moment you enter her practice you feel as if your at home. The staff are genuine and committed to your comfort. Dr. Deb is without question Dallas's best. Humorless about your dental health, passionate about your comfort, concerned about your knowledge. Without a doubt you will leave with a smile, knowing it was worth your time.

James L

Caring, kind and always finds the best option for your health and budget. Love Dr. Deb and the great staff. Thank you for taking such good care of our family!!!

Robert B.

Another pleasant visit this week to Dr Seznik's office. The staff are are very friendly and helpful. And the hygienist Thu is the best ever - very professional, thorough, and detailed.

Ralph G

I LOVE Dr. Debbie and her team!

Emily F

Everyone is always so friendly and helpful there. My cleanings and dental work are all basically painless, Dr. Seznik is a great dentist. Wouldn't choose another.

Lori M.

I was thoroughly impressed with my entire visit with Dr Seznik and her staff. I was cheerfully greeted upon arrival and as if that wasn't enough, Dr. Seznik came to the reception area to introduce herself to me and welcome me to the practice. This was such a warm welcome and would have calmed anyone who may experience any dental anxiety. My hygienist was gentle, informative and did a wonderful job of explaining my treatment during the visit. I left with a complete understanding of what Dr. Seznik recommended and had all my dental questions answered. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Seznik and her staff to anyone looking for a great dental experience. I have already shared my new dental home information to my friends and family. :)

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The team at My DFW Dentist understands that people may have a fear of going to the dentist. Our philosophy is to meet each patient at their individual level of need with no judgment, shame, or guilt. We offer several options to ease any anxiety and to make your experience at My DFW Dentist, located in Irving, TX, a pleasant one.

The My DFW Dentist Team

The warm, kind, and friendly people that make of the team here at My DFW Dentist treat their dental patients with the utmost care and consideration. We deliver state-of-the-art dental care, using the most up­to-date products, techniques, knowledge and procedures as well as cutting edge dental technology. Earning us the highest compliment a dental office can receive from their patients, our patients recommend My DFW Dentist to their family and friends as having the "best dentists in Dallas."

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