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Kid's Fillings

At our DFW Family dental practice, we have a lot of experience with kids and fillings. Our warm, caring DFW dental staff, our friendly kids’ dentists, work together to make sure the experience is easy and relaxing for the child . . . and the parent.

Children’s Fillings | Irving TX

If we find your child needs a filling, we will come to talk to you first before we do any procedure — ever. We will also evaluate the situation carefully, based on the age of the child, the condition of the tooth, and we will examine the x-ray to study the root of the tooth, so that we don’t spend your money unless it’s clear that the child will have the tooth for a while.

When it comes to kids fillings, most kids do better when their parents are not actually in the treatment room; but younger children do like to know their parents are nearby. Our parent nook serves just this purpose, enabling parents and children to be right next door to each other — and within hearing distance — without the distraction of the parent in the treatment room itself.

“No Big Deal”

When it comes to kids fillings — especially their first filling — it’s important to make it no big deal, and not to create any concern or fear on the part of the child. The best approach to kids fillings is the Tell-Show-Do method. First we tell the child what we’re going to do. Then we show them on their hand, we’ll spray a little water on them, let them experiment with the suction tip, have them feel the vibration of the buzzy drill, etc. And then while we’re filling their tooth, we tell them what we’re doing.

Anesthesia for Kids Fillings

Depending on the age of the child, the location of the tooth and the size of the cavity, we may use a special child’s dose of anesthesia, which will wear off quickly so they don’t feel strange or bite their lip afterwards. If we’re going to numb them before the filling, we tell them so, without using the words “needle” or “shot.” We do explain about the special “sleepy juice” that puts their tooth to sleep.

Filling Material

Our dentists will talk with the parent about silver vs white options for kids fillings, discuss the pros and cons of each, make her recommendation, and then the parent will decide which way to go. Because the enamel of a child’s tooth is a lot thinner than an adult’s, there’s not as much for the filling material to bond to, so depending on the tooth, its location in the mouth, the extent of the decay and how long the tooth is expected to say in the mouth, one type of filling may be better than another.

The Sooner The Better

Although sooner is always better with regard to treatment for dental problems, this is even more true when it comes to kids fillings. Cavities just get bigger and worse, and decay spreads quickly. Not only will your child have to suffer a toothache, but the bigger and worse the cavity and decay, the longer and more uncomfortable the procedure to clean and fill it. If their first filling is “no big deal” this will shape your kids feeling about going to the dentist for a long time. If it’s an ordeal, that will also set a precedent. So, as soon as your child reports discomfort, or you notice sensitivity, please bring your child in to our kid-friendly DFW dentist office, and have us check it out.

Signs Your Child Might Have A Cavity or Tooth Decay

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time for a visit to the dentist:

  • Sensitivity to hot drinks
  • Sensitivity to cold drinks or foods
  • Sensitivity to sweets
  • Discomfort chewing or biting
  • Fingers in the mouth, rubbing of tooth or gums
  • Holding the jaw
  • And of course “Mommy, my tooth hurts” . . . .

These sensitivities are the sign that something is amiss. It doesn’t mean there’s a cavity, but it usually does mean something, so please give our DFW dental office a call to talk about symptoms, kids fillings or other kids dental procedures or questions.

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