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Fluoride Treatments

Children’s Dentistry Irving TX

At our DFW dental office, we strongly recommend fluoride treatments for children. These treatments are a highly effective and painless way to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Many parents wonder why additional fluoride would be necessary when there is fluoride in all U.S. drinking water and also in toothpaste. The answer is that neither of these strengthens kids tooth enamel in the way that fluoride treatments do.

Parents who had fluoride treatments when they were young probably remember the dentist filling top and bottom mouth trays with fluoride and then having to sit in the dental chair for a good long while to allow the teeth to absorb the fluoride. Now the practice is to use fluoride varnish instead of trays. The varnish is applied directly to the teeth (picture nail polish being applied to the fingernails) and completely adheres, so no additional waiting is required. It is just painted on, and the child is done.

The varnish stays on the teeth, allowing for extended absorption of the fluoride directly into the tooth enamel, thereby strengthening and protecting the teeth. It tastes a whole lot better than the old fluoride treatments did and doesn’t require the extensive preparation of a completely dry mouth before application. Varnish is the new and improved, more effective and more convenient approach to fluoride treatments for children.

Is Fluoride Safe for Children?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, “using fluoride for the prevention and control of tooth decay is proven to be both safe and effective.” In some cases, too much fluoride can cause tooth discoloration, so our dentists will carefully evaluate each patient and situation before recommending any treatment. In general, however, fluoride treatments for children are highly recommended for preventing cavities.

MI Paste — It’s Like Vitamins for Your Teeth™

If your child has excessive tooth decay, your dentist might also recommend MI Paste, a special protein paste which provides essential minerals — calcium and phosphate — that help strengthen tooth enamel. MI Paste is available with and without fluoride, so your dentist can control the amount of fluoride your child is getting even if they need additional mineralization.

Fluoride treatments for children, along with additional strengthening of tooth enamel with calcium and phosphate, are an important way to maintain strong teeth, fewer cavities, a healthy mouth and a bright smile. If your child’s teeth have developed grooves or lines that are attracting bacteria and promoting decay, you may also want to consider Dental Sealants as an important part of your child’s oral health program.

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