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Teeth Extraction

The overall goal of our DFW dentist office is optimal health for our patients’ teeth, gums and mouth — and for our patients to keep all their teeth for as long as possible, hopefully their whole lives. However, sometimes a tooth just cannot be saved and teeth extraction becomes necessary.

Having a tooth pulled may be necessitated by a number of causes, including:

  • Too much decay or an infection that’s too far gone to save the tooth
  • A failed root canal treatment that can’t be corrected
  • Wisdom teeth that need to come out
  • A baby tooth with misshapen roots that may prevent permanent teeth from coming in normally
  • Teeth extraction may also be recommended for orthodontic correction (braces).

Of course, our team will do everything we can to save a tooth, but if we determine that teeth extraction is necessary, we will discuss the procedure with the patient ahead of time and then determine with the patient what method of anesthesia or sedation is optimal.

Sedation Options For Teeth Extractions in our Dallas Fort Worth Dental Office

As with any procedure in our DFW dentist office — and especially with tooth extractions — our goal is always patient comfort. This means not only will the patient experience no pain, but also that they feel calm and relaxed.

For simple teeth extractions in our Dallas-Fort Worth-Irving office, we use oral sedation to calm and relax our patients, and local anesthetic to completely numb the area so that it is as comfortable as possible..

For wisdom teeth extraction, we use IV sedation so that our patients are totally “asleep” for the procedure.

Replacement Options Following Teeth Extractions

There are lots of options for replacing a missing tooth or group of teeth, and our team alway take the time to review with her patients the costs, advantages and disadvantages of each to determine what is best for the individual. Options include:

  • Dental implants
  • Bridges
  • Partial Dentures/Full Dentures/ Bite-Lock Dentures

If you need teeth extractions in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we invite you to call our DFW dental office to ask about the procedure, the cost, and the options for replacing any teeth we remove. We are happy to talk openly with you about all your questions and concerns regarding teeth extractions.

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