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White Fillings


Tooth-colored white teeth fillings are used when a filling or patch is required on a front tooth or other visible tooth, and a silver-colored filling would be noticeable or unsightly.

Often used in cosmetic dentistry, white teeth fillings – also called composite fillings – are made of hard and soft particles of acrylic in a resin base, which is then hardened by the application of light. The white color of the filling material creates a less noticeable and more natural appearance than a silver filling, and blends in better with the natural white color of teeth.

The Importance Of Experience

When searching for a DFW cosmetic dentist who offers white teeth fillings, please be sure that the dentist you choose is experienced in the application of tooth-colored fillings, because white composite filings require a very careful and precise technique to get a good result. For example, when using white composite material to fill a cavity, it is critical that the area be completely dry in order for the composite to fill, adhere, set up and harden properly. If your dentist is not aware of this requirement, you may be disappointed in the result.

The team at My DFW Dentist have many years of experience working with white teeth fillings for teeth that are visible in the front of the mouth, for patients who request white fillings on back teeth, and for patients with concerns about mercury in amalgam fillings and for tooth patching and bonding.

Costs and Coverage For White Fillings

In Texas, it is a state law that patients be offered the choice of a white composite filling or a silver amalgam filling. Although the American Dental Association (ADA) and the team at My DFW Dentist do not believe that silver amalgam fillings pose a health risk to patients, the law requires patients to have a choice.

White teeth fillings can be a little more costly than silver amalgam fillings. Some insurance companies will only pay for tooth-colored fillings for teeth in the front of the mouth, as they consider white fillings for back teeth to be cosmetic. Sometimes insurance companies will pay only the cost of a silver filling but allow the patient to apply the amount to the cost of a white filling, in which case the patient may choose to pay the difference out of pocket. Our DFW dental office team will work with you and your insurance company to maximize coverage to the best of our ability.

Whether you prefer white teeth fillings for aesthetic, cosmetic or health reasons, we are happy to honor your preference, and you can rest assured that the My DFW Dentist experience with white fillings will give you an excellent and lasting result.

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