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Night Guards

The Solution For Those Who Grind Their Teeth In Their Sleep

If you clench and grind your teeth while sleeping, it is likely that you are doing damage to your teeth, your jaw, and any dental restorations (crowns, implants, bridges) you may have. A properly fitted night guard can make a big difference.

Bruxism is the medical term for clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth during sleep. Clenching and grinding have a number of negative consequences including TMJ, grinding down the enamel on your natural teeth, and the danger of cracking or breaking your teeth or your fillings, crowns, bridges, implants or other restorative work.

Why do people grind their teeth in their sleep? Stress, tension, and malocclusion are the most common reasons. Because it is an unconscious habit, it’s not something people can just stop, so a mouth guard is often required to protect the teeth and jaws.

All Night Guards Are Not The Same

If you grind your teeth in your sleep and have been told you need a night guard, it’s important to know that not all night guards are the same and not all night guards work effectively. If you purchase a one-size-fits-all boil and fit guard from your nearest drugstore, you will end up with a thick, bulky uncomfortable piece of plastic in your mouth, which you are unlikely to use on a regular basis. For people who clench their jaw and grind their teeth during sleep, a custom-fitted night guard is the preferred solution.

Custom-Fit Night Guards from our DFW Dental Office

At My DFW Dentist we work with a special orthodontic lab to create thin, comfortable, custom-fitted night guards that will be a perfect fit for your individual mouth and teeth, won’t irritate your gums or palate (the roof of the mouth) and will be so comfortable that you will actually use it every night without hesitation. These small, form-fitted, night guards are made of thin, comfortable, form-fitting and barely noticeable acrylic. The crystal-clear, hard acrylic material conforms to your teeth, for maximum comfort, effectiveness and barely-visible appearance. These night guards are a great solution for people who grind their teeth in their sleep but don’t want to wear a bulky or uncomfortable night guard.

Your dentist at My DFW Dentist will not only take the precision impression for your custom night guard so that it precisely conforms to your particular teeth, mouth, jaw and bite, they will also submit custom specifications for your particular grinding or clenching pattern and your particular mouth. For example, your dentist might specify a slightly increased thickness around the canine teeth (eye teeth) to take more pressure off the front teeth. This is how precise and customized your night guard will be. At My DFW Dentist we will also precision-fit and adjust the night guard to your particular bite for the best possible fit and comfort.

Why go to all this trouble for a night guard when you can just buy one at your corner drugstore? Because saving your teeth, gums, jaw and bone are critical to your health, well-being, aging and overall health. Your teeth and jaw are worth saving, and TMJ relief will measurably improve your quality of life.

Ordering a Night Guard From Your DFW Dentist

An important advantage of ordering a custom night guard from your own dentist, who will ensure proper fit, form and function, is that you can bring your night guard to all your regular dental appointments to have it cleaned, and adjusted. Periodic adjustments are important to ensure proper protection from the damage that grinding your teeth in your sleep can cause. To protect your teeth, jaw and restorations, call or email our DFW dentist office for a custom night guard today.

Our DFW dentist office can also help you if you need a mouth guard for daytime use.

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