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Dentistry Implants

Bridge or Implant?

A dental bridge used to be the “go to” solution for replacing one or more missing teeth, but dental implants have now become the preferred solution for missing teeth.

An implant is an artificial tooth attached directly into the bone beneath the gum tissue. A titanium fixture is typically used in surgically placing the implant in the jawbone to replace the root of the missing tooth, providing an anchor for a crown.

How Does An Implant Work?

Instead of anchoring a false tooth or teeth to the surrounding teeth like a bridge does, dental implants anchor the prosthetic tooth to the underlying bone by means of a device that looks like a small screw. A piece called an abutment is then anchored to the screw, and then the prosthetic tooth (crown) is cemented to the abutment.

Why is an Implant Better than a Bridge?

A bridge requires crowns on both adjacent teeth in order to anchor the bridge. This means sometimes sacrificing healthy, vital teeth and tooth structure on both sides of the missing tooth and grinding them down in order to crown them. With a dental implant from our Dallas office, you can preserve the adjacent healthy teeth while still replacing the missing tooth with a functional and great-looking prosthetic.

Can you tell which tooth is an implant?

Which one is an Implant?

If you have healthy teeth and bone structure surrounding your missing tooth, you would want to preserve the healthy teeth at all costs. Implants allow you to do that with a reliable procedure and technology that has a 99% success and satisfaction rate and a great and natural looking result.

Why Choose Our DFW Dental Office For Implants in Dallas?

Dental implants are a highly technical procedure requiring highly specific training and precision. Our established team of oral surgeons and periodontists deliver to our patients successful implant treatments with superior results. In some dental implant practices in Dallas, different parties need to be involved in the implant process: a restorative dentist and an oral surgeon. However, in our office, our cosmetic dentists can perform every part of the implant process and procedure right in our DFW dental office. For more complex cases, we have specialist available to meet our patients needs. My DFW Dentist and our restorative dentists can also take care of any restorative work, adjustments or repairs that the implant might require over time. Our Dallas dental implant office uses the “gold standard” in dental implants. We use Nobel Biocare, Straumann and a few other top implant companies because of their cutting-edge research and development in the implant field, the quality of their materials, the precision of their fabrication, the excellence of their service, their reputation and longevity in the market, and the fact that the function, safety, effectiveness and appearance of these implants is simply superior. If you’re considering dental implants in Dallas, we invite you to call our DFW dental office today for a free implant consultation.

Are Implants More Expensive Than Bridges?

If you’re pricing dental implants in Dallas, at first glance it may initially appear that dental implants are more expensive than bridges. But if you do your research carefully, you will notice that by the time you factor in the cost of crowning the two adjacent teeth required for a bridge along with the cost of the bridge itself, the implant really isn’t much more expensive. And remember, with a bridge, you are unnecessarily compromising two healthy adjacent teeth, while a dental implant preserves health teeth.

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