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Dallas Denture Care

The purpose of dentures is to replace missing teeth. At our Dallas dental office, our first priority is to save as many teeth as possible. Even if it’s clear that the patient needs either full or partial dentures, rather than just pulling all the patient’s teeth, we strive to save as many teeth as possible. Why? Because the more root and tooth structure that is preserved, the better bone structure to hold the dentures. Isn’t it easier to just pull all the teeth? Well, it may be “easier”, but it’s not better for the patient. For all our cosmetic dentistry procedures, the patient’s best interest is our priority. A few healthy teeth left in the mouth support the denture better, which means better fit, better function and more comfort.


Dentures are often an appropriate solution for patients who are largely or entirely without teeth due to dental disease, developmental defects, genetic disorders, trauma or drug use. Whatever the reason for the dentures, our Dallas patients do not need to feel any shame or embarrassment; they can come into our office knowing they will not be judged, but will be warmly welcomed and assisted no matter the condition of their teeth. If you’re looking for a consultation for dentures in the Dallas area, our team’s non-judgmental, supportive, caring approach is a good reason to give our DFW dental office a call for a free denture consultation at our Dallas office.

Choosing Your Dentist for Dentures in Dallas

In addition to her kind and caring manner, there are many other reasons to choose My DFW Dentist for your dentures, and many reasons our Dallas denture patients recommend My DFW Dentist to their family and friends needing dentures, including:

  • Getting dentures is a decision that our Dallas denture patients are involved in every step of the way. Plenty of time is taken to talk with the patient and review what their options are for replacing diseased or missing teeth, taking into consideration, budget, lifestyle, appearance and the patient’s individual needs, desires and preferences.
  • Once the decision has been made to proceed with dentures, precise and accurate impressions are taken along with complete diagnostic models, photographs, and x-rays. Dentures are not handled as a “routine” or assembly- line procedure in our Dallas denture office. Each case is handled in a highly personal and careful manner.
  • Every effort is made to preserve as many teeth as possible to provide strength, support, function, comfort and optimal fit.
  • After taking he time to analyze every detail, including the the function and bite of the patient’s current mouth, the existing teeth, what can be saved, the strength and health of gums and bone, the dentist then reviews the findings with the patient and explains the plan for proceeding, what can be expected, etc.
  • For every patient who comes to our Dallas office about getting dentures, our goal is the same: to find the best possible option to provide the best fit, appearance, comfort and function for the patient to live a full and happy life and comfortably enjoy eating, chewing, laughing, smiling and living with their new false teeth.

Additional Options for Dentures

  • Partial Dentures – Not all Dallas denture patients require a full set of false teeth. Sometimes only an upper denture or lower denture is required if there are enough teeth remaining on either the upper or lower arch.
  • Permanent Dentures- Conventional dentures are removable but there are options for bonding, clipping or permanently affixing partial dentures to other teeth.
  • Flippers – If you come to see us about dentures in our Dallas office, and you’re looking for a temporary solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth, or you’re on a very limited budget, you may want to explore the option of a flipper, which is the quickest and most inexpensive replacement for a missing tooth. Made of acrylic, this partial denture usually replaces 1-3 teeth and clicks into or out of place. Flippers are a good solution for noticeably missing teeth while waiting for an implant, bridge or other more permanent solution, serving a useful cosmetic purpose as well as holding the space to keep other teeth from moving.

You can trust that we will explore every option with you and determine what is best to fit your particular mouth, preferences, needs, budget, and lifestyle.

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