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Cutting Edge Technology at My DFW Dentist

State of The Art Dentistry in Dallas

Why do many people consider My DFW Dentist to have the best dentists in Dallas?

There are a number of reasons for this reputation. The first is that the team at My DFW Dentist is kind, warm, friendly people who treat their dental patients with the utmost care and consideration. We have a reputation for being honest, informative, trustworthy, gentle, understanding, open, good listeners and for being focused on our patient’s comfort and needs. Some people think our dental team is the best in Dallas because our dentist give the most gentle care and painless shots. Others love that we make every effort to ensure that there is no waiting when patients come for their appointments. And people who are scared to come for dental appointments think we’re the best dentist office in Dallas because of how accommodating we are to fearful patients.

In addition to how we treat patients, we deliver state-of-the-art dental care, using the most up-to-date products, techniques, knowledge and procedures as well as cutting edge dental technology. Earning us the highest compliment a dental office can receive from their patients, our patients recommend My DFW Dentist to their family and friends, as the “best dentists in Dallas.’

Cutting Edge Technologies In Use in our Dallas Dental Office

What do we mean when we say we use cutting edge technology in our DFW dentist office? We mean we use state-of-the-art practices in all areas, including:

  • Digital X-rays – We use Kodak digital radiograph x-ray equipment, which means 25% less radiation for our patients and improved accuracy for diagnostics and procedures. Making full use of cutting edge technology means that our whole office is integrated and networked with the Kodak system for seamless information/data transfer and record keeping.
  • Chair side computers for electronic charting and review – our cutting-edge Dallas dental office has chair side computer for increased accuracy, efficiency, and precision.
  • Dental Implants – dental implants are now the industry-preferred solution for replacing missing teeth. Our dentists are not only well experienced in this area, they are actually specially trained and certified to perform dental implant procedures and restorations, making our denstist some of the best dentists in Dallas you could choose for your implants. Our DFW dental office uses Nobel Biocare, Straumann and a few other top implant companies as our vendor for implant and abutment hardware because they are at the leading edge of implant technology and have the strongest industry guarantee.
  • Hains Bacterial Testing –Hains is a diagnostic tool used for testing bacteria present in the mouth that leads to gum disease. Detailed test results report which harmful bacteria are present, how much of each one is present and which antibiotic, if any, is recommended to treat which bacteria. Hains testing is an important tool for preventing, managing and stopping the progression of gum disease and bone loss.
  • Snoring and Sleep Appliances – Snoring and sleep appliances are the state of the art, minimally invasive solution for airway management to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. As the consequences of breathing disorders during sleep become more evident, the importance of managing this health challenge increases, at My DFW Dentist we are always tracking the latest developments and best solutions for breathing disorders.
  • CAMBRA – stands for Caries Management by Risk Assessment. Caries is the technical term for the bacterial infection that causes cavities. CAMBRA is a risk assessment consisting of specific tests for oral bacteria levels in combination with disease indicators, risk factors and x-rays in order to manage and control the cause of cavities. Assessment is followed by specific recommendations to manage risk levels. Restorations may also be recommended, or delayed because of increased risk of failure from recurrent decay. Treating bacterial infections, and specific restoration plans are part of the CAMBRA approach to caries risk management, which has proven to reduce decay rates.
  • Safety and Sterilization – special disinfectant hand soap, and the use of gloves, face masks and fluid resistance jackets. We also sterilize all equipment before every use using a heat-pressure-steam autoclave tested weekly by a third-party monitor.
  • Massage dental chairs – providing the utmost in patient comfort and relaxation, our massage chairs may be the real reason we’re known as one of the best dentists in Dallas. : ) The chairs also have the option to be heated.
  • Electronic Communications – patients can make appointments online, send questions or requests by emails, and choose to receive appointment reminders by email or text rather than, or in addition to, phone reminders. We’re a technology-friendly DFW dentist office for those who prefer electronic means of communications.
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